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Astrology at Varanasi

Varanasi is a center of education and learning for centuries and is aptly called as the cultural capital of India. Scholars, intellectuals, philosophers, mystics and saints from all over the world have been coming to Varanasi, the capital of education. In earlier times, Varanasi was more famous for Vedic education and astrology (jyotish). Students and scholars from different parts came to the holy city to study and learn philosophy and astrology. Thus, there developed a greatAstrology at Varanasi tradition of learning of Vedic astrology or "jyotish shastra" at Varanasi. The system of Vedic astrology continues to even this day in Varanasi. It is very much evident in the "Guru Shishya parampara" of Kashi. In ancient and medieval period, jyotish was taught at "Ashrams" and "Gurukuls" and it continues to be taught at many of the present educational institutions at Varanasi. There are separate faculties Meditation and Astrology in B.H.U. and Sampurnanand Sanskrit University.

Following are main center for meditation and astrology.
Man Mandir
Bhring Sanhita Kendra, Bhadaini
Center For Yoga and Meditation, Nirala Nagar
Pragya Yoga Institute, Jagat Ganj
Gayan Pravah
Kashi Yoga Sangh, Sankat Mochan
International Yoga and Meditation Centre, Nagawa


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    Being the oldest city of the world and an important   Hindu pilgrimage center, Varanasi attracts a large   number of people from all over the world. For   centuries, Varanasi is famous for spiritualism, .