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Kashi Vidya Peeth

Kashi Vidyapith got its new name after the Father of Nation the Mahatma Gandhi.The Kashi Vidya Peeth was set up in 1920 by Babu Shiv Prasad Gupta to provide alternate education arrangement during the Non-cooperation movement during India's freedom struggle. It soon became a center of National education with Hindi as the medium of instruction. Acharya Narendradev, Babu vidya peeth VaranasiSampurnanand, Babu Sriprakash and many more luminaries of the time have been associated with this institute. Over a period of time, the Kashi Vidyapeeth has flourished into an educational institute of repute. Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith is an institution of national importance for providing higher education in different study disciplines of humanities, commerce, sciences and applied science etc. The university was established decades back during India’s struggle for freedom on 10 February 1921. The personalities like the "Father of the Nation" Mahatma Gandhi "Rashtra Ratna"Babu Shiva Prasad Gupt, "Bharat Ratna" Dr.Bhagwan Das and many other freedom fighters played an important role in establishment of this university. These people thought of this university as an effort in the direction of India’s freedom struggle against British. Bharat Ratna Dr.Bhagwan Das was the first Vice-chancellor of Kashi Vidyapith.

The Kashi Vidyapith got “Deemed University” status in 1963. The objectives of this university are as follows-
* The development of Indian civilization & culture based on spiritualism.
* Homogeneous intermingling of all the sections of Indian society.
* Coordination among different thoughts and cultures.
* The notion of independence and patriotism along with the feeling of brotherhood & the urge to serve mankind.
* Ancient and modern development in the fields of various disciplines of learning, sculpture, science, technology etc.

Today, the university offers courses almost on all disciplines ranging from humanities and management to life sciences. A medical college is also being planned in the University. Besides, the Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth has taken a great leap forward by keeping pace with the changing times and offering new courses according to the needs of the times and also the students. As a result of this many new departments and faculties have come up at the University campus in the last few years.

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