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Eateries in Varanasi

Varanasi has hundreds of eateries catering to locals and visitors as well as markets selling street food. The city is not known for any specialities, but instead you will find a cross-section of dishes from across India. Popular among locals is thali, a selection of vegetarian dishes served on a partitioned stainless steel plate, and various kinds of dahl and masala. Restaurants areEatries Varanasi typically divided into vegetarian and non vegetarian establishments. Varanasi also offers a great variety of delicacies, catering to the taste of the tourists of different types. Tourists can try out sourish and savory foods at different popular restaurants in Varanasi. Various popular restaurants at Varanasi offer a variety of cuisines.

A few popular eateries in Varanasi that the tourists can check out are as follows:
- Keshari Restaurant
- Sindhi Restaurant
- Ghat Restaurant
- Apsara Restaurant
- El Parador Restaurant

Keshari Restaurant is one of the popular restaurants in Varanasi. If a tourist seeks to explore the Old City, he or she should visit the Keshari Restaurant. Mostly local pilgrims and confused foreigner tourists visit this restaurant. The restaurant offers a good variety of cuisines starting from Indian, Chinese to continental dishes. But tourists are advised to take Indian dishes. Indian cuisine offers pulao, biryanis etc. Breads are also offered among the Indian dishes. One can also try the famous Keshari thali. The tourists can taste the dosa at Keshari. It is filled with creamy paneer and cashew nuts. The restaurant also offers nice lassis.

Among the popular restaurants in Varanasi, Sindhi Restaurant is worth mentioning. It was created in 1954. The restaurant offers a cosy sitting arrangement with wooden tables covered with plastic tops. One can order for a special thali at the restaurant. Delicious vegetarian dishes are also offered at this restaurant.

There are several Ghat restaurants out in Varanasi. Many tourists can be seen drinking tea at these Ghat Restaurants. These Ghat Restaurants are few of the popular restaurants in Varanasi. They seldom have any mode of sitting arrangements such as chairs.

Good Indian food is available at this restaurant. The owner has used the color blue as the theme of the restaurant. This restaurant is less dirty than the others in Varanasi.

Unlike other restaurants in Varanasi, this restaurant has to offer Italian, European, French dishes rather than Indian cuisine.Thus a tourist can flatter his taste buds with a variety of cuisines at different restaurants of Varanasi. There are different restaurants offering different types of food catering to the taste of a variety of tourists. There is 'paapri-chaat', which plays with your taste buds with its tangy and spicy flavor of ginger and tamarind chutney and the cooling and soothing yoghurt. While talking about the specialties of Benarasi flavors, who can ever forget the sour and sweet 'Langda aam', a variety of mango available in summers and the fragrant 'Benarasi paan' that is often added with aromatic essences such as that of rose and 'supari' (areca-nut) along with other goodies. Chewing this 'paan' seems to be a part of the cultural identity of the people of Varanasi. One can find some good Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Continental, Mexican, Greek and vegetarian South-Indian cuisine and snacks and sweets offers to eat to your fill in the old city or Godaulia, Cantonment area and near Railway Station or Lahurabir area.

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